How I Evaluate Your Football Skills

The Jerry Pettibone Group, LLC

The Jerry Pettibone Group, LLC

As a consultant, I have placed over 400 High School athletes at 100 Colleges, Universities and Military Academies. 

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The Evaluation

The two levels of football evaluation service are:

$500 Hut 1 Set...
Your highlights and games will be evaluated when received. You will receive a written football evaluation patterned after the one Coach Pettibone created as the Recruiting Coordinator for The University of Oklahoma and The University of Nebraska. This high school evaluation will assist in determining your strengths, areas of improvement, as well as your recruitability at the Div. 1, 1AA, Div. 2 or 3 levels, which in turn will bring you one step closer to your athletic goals.

Along with your written college football evaluation, you and your parents/guardians will participate in a conference call to discuss my evaluation and the recruiting process. High School coaches’ participation is welcome if you choose. I will schedule this call with you.

$2,500 Hut 2 Go...
Participation in Hut 1 is required in order to advance to Hut 2. Once you receive the results of your evaluation and make the decision to progress to Hut 2, I will personally contact the 5 schools you are interested in which will fit your athletic and academic goals. NOTE: A $200 fee will be assessed for each additional school contacted after the first 5. Once I have contacted the specified schools I will be in communication with you in regard to their level of interest and their position needs.

You will be guided through the entire recruiting process with regularly scheduled phone calls and email communications. Also as part of the Hut 2 service, you will receive a T-shirt. I hope you wear it proudly as a client of The Jerry Pettibone Football and Consulting, LLC.

Hut 2 is a highly personal service. I remain your advocate and mentor through a process that may last a few weeks up to a year. I recommend ways to improve your skills such as summer camps and personal speed and strength coaches if needed.